AT is a method that provides the tools for change.  Thinking strategies are used to allow ease of movement, change harmful patterns that interfere with everyday activity, and access a more natural sense of the self.  This thinking method enables one to make intelligent choices about movement during any activity and increases one's awareness of the world around.  You do not take time out of your day to engage in this method; in essence, you live the Alexander Technique.  Therefore, it is ultimately about the quality of your life.  

"The Alexander technique is a way of learning how you can get rid of harmful tension in your body."


  1. 2 hour Master Classes
  2. Group Lessons
  3. 2 - 4 Day Residencies
  4. Individual Lessons
  5. Lessons and Master Classes on Vocal and Breathing Techniques
Available for . . . 

Open Spaces-Alexander Technique will travel to you, along the Front Range of MT, WY, CO and NM and anywhere in the US!

Contact me for further information. 

With AT you can . .


  • Discover greater ease, and coordination.

  • Develop life-long thinking strategies which will enhance your everyday movement. 

  • Design a greater awareness of your relationship to the world.

  • Discard habits of habitual tension.

“I'm a definite cheerleader for Dr. Hensel's Alexander technique classes.  My students always have posture and tension issues---what pianist doesn't?----and Larry gave us a dynamite class.  The philosophies and thinking strategies he showed us were immediately and immensely helpful.  There is no one who would not benefit from exposure to his classes.”


Martin Katz

Earl V. Moore Professor of Music

Artur Schnabel Professor of Piano

University of Michigan 

Working with a Singer on Breathing Techniques.

"Dr. Hensel is a profoundly effective teacher of the Alexander Technique. The proof of that statement is evident in both my own work as an actor and teacher and in the results I have seen in my students. Not only does Dr. Hensel help students quickly identify ingrained habits that perhaps could be re-evaluated for efficiency and ease, he is a joy to work with. A consummate artist himself, he innately understands the need for the creative space and process to remain joyous and free. And that is exactly what he brings into every session."


--John O'Hagan

Associate Professor, Theatre

Creative Arts and

Communication Unit Head

Principia College

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CLICK HERE for a PDF of AT Materials that are helpful for beginning students of the work.

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