Private Instruction

The Alexander; Technique (AT) is a scientifically, educational method.  AT Teachers give insightful observation to their students, so that they may develop their own sense of kinesthetic awareness, as well as options for moving with greater ease in any activity.  To help identify habits of tension, they provide tactile sensory feedback, guiding the student into an effortless sense of motion.  The release of unnecessary tension allows our natural construction to come into play and gives the student greater freedom of movement and a more profound sense of the world.  

Body Mapping

Although not strictly part of Mr. Alexander's original principals, Body Mapping is an extremely useful tool for the student.  A Body Map is your own self-representation of how you "think" you are constructed--a student will always move to how they "think" they are constructed, even if it goes again actual construction.  Body Mapping quickly and easily helps the student to understand how movement works in our "real" skeletal and muscular system.  Students often misconstrue their own structure, and this misunderstanding can add greatly to undue tension and pain in an activity. 




Master Classes and Group Lessons

Although I adhere to Mr. Alexander's Principals when working with students, no matter the activity, certain Master Classes or Group Lessons can be geared more towards a specific audience or activity.  One subject which is often requested from me is breathing--how it works, what moves what, how we can be much more efficient and encompassing in our breathing --again--in any activity.  



Fees vary according to venue.  Please email for a quote. 

Most Alexander Technique Lessons are one-hour in length, depending upon the needs of the student.


 Lessons can involve:

  • Verbal instruction

  • Respectful and gentle touch (kinesthetic feedback)

  • Components of Body Mapping

  • Focus on an activity whether it be specific (performance artists) or everyday activities (walking, getting in and out of a chair, running, driving your car, putting on socks, making the bed, or chopping vegetables)

  • Table Work

    • Lying on the table utilizes gravity to help identify areas of tension.  The teacher will often gently move arms and legs to show potential for ease of movement with joints.  Gentle tactile feedback is often incorporated.  

Dr. Hensel has had the privilege of working with students on AT at . . . 


  • University of Michigan School of Music, Collaborative Piano Department, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  • Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Humanities, Voice and Collaborative Piano Departments, New York University, New York City, NY.

  • Colorado State and Local Chapters of Music Teachers National Association Convention, Denver, Colorado.

  • Wyoming State Convention, National Association for Music Educators, Gillette, Wyoming

  • Wyoming State Chapter, Music Teachers national Association Convention, Laramie, Wyoming.

  • Cheyenne Chamber Singers, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

  • Rocky Mountain Festival of Voices, Laramie, Wyoming

Master Classes, Workshops and Residencies

Larry with his skeleton "Ralph" (British pronunciation, please!), at the CO Music Teacher's National Association Convention, giving a workshop on breathing and AT to young singers. 


Dr. Larry L. Hensel

Open Spaces:  Alexander Technique of the West

4418 Comanche Drive

Laramie, WY  82072

(307)  670-1682


Email:  larry.lee.hensel@gmail.com

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